Confronting And Overcoming The Stigma Over Divorce

  • 24 Feb 2023

Divorce was rare and frowned upon 50 years ago. Today, divorce is more common and accepted, but there is still some stigma surrounding this complicated issue. Also, some studies suggest divorcing couples still feel a sense of failure and shame.

Below, we discuss why divorce is still stigmatized and how to overcome it. If you have legal questions about getting divorced, please contact our divorce lawyers in Rockville at the Law Office of Sandra Guzman Salvado.

Friends And Family Still Speculate

While divorce is more common these days, questions about when people split. Why are they divorcing? Perhaps one of them had an affair or spent too much money?

Unfortunately, some people will endlessly speculate about why a couple divorces. But in the end, you have valid reasons for divorcing, and what others think does not matter.

Some Are Still Against Divorce

This view is not as widely shared as decades ago, but some in our culture still do not believe in divorce. Of course, they may not say it to you directly, but you may feel pressure and judgment that you are sinning. These people may attempt to talk you out of splitting up.


Some divorcees do not realize it when they start the process, but they may even feel shame and self-stigmatize. After all, if someone gets divorced, there has to be someone to blame. While it can be hard to quiet the voice in your head that feels shame over divorce, it is essential to do so for your good.

How To Deal With Divorce Stigma?

There are several ways to deal with the stigma of divorce. First, remember that getting divorced does not define you as a person. Just because you split from your spouse does not mean it is everything about you. You are a person to whom divorce has happened for various reasons, but never let it define you.

Second, getting divorced means the marriage did work out in the end. It doesn’t mean something wrong with you. Many blame themselves for a failed marriage.

Third, one of the most helpful ways to overcome divorce stigma is to find a network of supportive friends who do not judge you. It is possible you lost some friends during the divorce because they were associated with your ex in some way. Choose to focus on the friends that stick by your side when things get rough and find new friends in social and church groups to get you through.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers in Rockville Today

Attitudes towards divorce have evolved, but there still is a stigma to deal with. If you need assistance with complex divorce issues in Rockville, the Law Office of Sandra Guzman Salado can help. Our attorneys work with legal clients in Rockville, Greenbelt, Annapolis, and Frederick families. Please contact our Maryland divorce attorneys now at (301) 340-1911 for assistance with your situation.

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