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01, 2022

How to Work Through Divorce Grief

Few people deny that divorce is a source of grief. Most are quick to acknowledge that divorce is hard on…

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07, 2022

Do Maryland Child Custody Laws Apply To Unborn Children?

Maryland family law clearly states that both parents are the joint natural guardians of their children. Maryland statutes apparently make…

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10, 2022

What Affects Divorce Rates In The United States?

Divorce has long been a part of life. English King Henry VIII in the 1500s pulled his country out of…

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02, 2022

Do I Have Any Rights to My Stepchildren in a Divorce?

Divorce can be an emotionally fraught process for all involved, especially children. The situation can get even more complicated if…

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17, 2022

How Millennials Are Driving Down Divorce Rates

Millennials, or individuals sometimes referred to as Generation Y or Gen Y, are the generation born from about 1980 through…

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11, 2022

Maryland Child Custody Laws | What You Need to Know

If you are divorcing with children, one thing you and your spouse will need to decide on is child custody.…

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12, 2021

Signs Your Marriage is Headed Towards Divorce

Every relationship has its ups and downs but breaking up your marriage can be one of the hardest things you…

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14, 2021

How Child Custody Affects Extracurricular Activities in Maryland

When a couple divorces, there are often children involved. Having to co-parent can be complicated, especially if you divorce on a…

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20, 2021

Maryland Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

Family structures have changed. Unmarried parents are far from outliers. According to data from the Pew Research Center, there are…

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