8 Signs You May Be Heading for Divorce

  • 01 Dec 2022
signs you may be heading for divorce

In some cases, knowing that you’re ready for a divorce is obvious. But, in other situations, it can be a lot of little things that stack up.

If you’re wondering if maybe you and your spouse are heading for a divorce, here are 8 signs you may be moving in that direction. While these signs don’t mean you’re absolutely destined to divorce, being on the lookout for these potential issues can help you get a handle on your relationship and—if you so choose—work to repair your marriage.

You Aren’t Happy

When you’re in a good relationship, you spend most of the time generally happy. You may have occasional disagreements or fights with your spouse, but largely things are calm and peaceful.

But if your partner is unreliable, critical, or hostile, and you seem to fight more than you do anything else, it could be a warning sign. And if that unhappiness spills over into other areas of your life, such as your work or your relationship with your children, it should be a red flag.

You Find Reasons to Avoid Your Partner

Whether you avoid coming home in the evening or you bury yourself in your phone at night so you don’t have to spend time with your partner, it could be a sign you’re not as invested in your marriage.

Your Friends or Family Urge You to Leave

If your nearest and dearest don’t like your partner and tell you you’ll be better off if you get a divorce, don’t just brush them off. They want what’s best for you, and may see some things about your relationship from the outside that you may not be able to see.

Your Instincts Are Screaming

Is your stomach always in a knot when you have to be around your spouse? Are you experiencing more headaches or feelings of anxiety? It may be a sign that your instincts are telling you something isn’t right with your relationship.

You Live Like Roommates

We’re not talking about couples who mutually—and happily—agree to sleep in separate rooms or do things on their own.

If you and your spouse have gone from hanging out at the end of the day, going on trips together, and having fun dates to leading your own separate lives and avoiding interaction, it may be a sign you’re heading for divorce.

Everything Feels Hard

If nearly every interaction—who gets up with the baby, whose turn it is to take an evening off, who needs to do the dishes—is a chore or painful, there may be something wrong. It’s especially important to pay attention to whether you’re baiting one another into arguments, or one or the other of you is tipping into abusive territory.

You’ve Changed Your Values or Priorities

Over time, people change in big and small ways. But to have a functional relationship, it’s important that you and your spouse are on the same page with some big things.

If one of you has suddenly shifted in their values and priorities, such as jumping into a new church with both feet when they previously didn’t attend, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship. 

There’s a Sudden Behavior Change

Again, people do change over time, but suddenly dropping a bunch of weight, spending a lot of time outside the home, or becoming more secretive, it could be a sign that there’s something that needs your attention.

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