Very professional. This is my best decision to hire this attorney.


Excellent. With respect and kept up to date on my case.

Hernan B.

Amazing! Excellent.

Silvia J.

Yes definitely. I would say she is very attentive and understanding.

Jack R.

Very professional.

Mayra C.

Good experience.

Jimmy D.



Absolutely Phenomenal! Fought for everything I asked for as if it was her own child she was fighting for and got everything I asked for!

Matt T.

My experience with you was a very good one. Even though the reason that I needed an attorney was not pleasant, you did a very good job of making sure things were handled and keeping me informed which in turn allowed me not to focus on my everyday life. You are a kind and easy person to talk to. I appreciate all that you did for me and I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of the services you provide.

Latika T., Germantown, Maryland

Mrs. Guzman represented me during my divorce and I have to say I felt guarded at every step of the process, but Mrs. Guzman took the time to meet with me as many times as I needed before the court day. You’ll find Mrs. Guzman carries herself with confidence and professionalism.

Zoe U. , Germantown, Maryland

I am Maria and I used Sandra’s services. She was very proper and genuinely concerned for my well being as her client. The most important thing is that she was very honest and upfront. I highly recommend her without reservation to anyone. For me she was the best.

Maria P. , Boyds, Maryland

Sandra, allow me to thank you for your time and advice; your professionalism and experience was very helpful. The manner in which you addressed the problem was very clear and precise which allowed me to clearly understand what steps to take in the future.

Farley S. , Rockville, Maryland

A five star family Attorney! So much appreciation to Mrs. Guzman-Salvado, as a family Attorney she is a wonderful professional; a dedicated and caring person. Thanks to her heart many things have been possible to our son an me. In our life experience she has been truly a great blessing! It is amazing ! She is very patient and so dedicated. Mrs. Guzman has been walking with us step by step in detail for every single matter in regards to our case. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a family law lawyer in MD. She has been taking THE BEST CARE of my son and me. Mrs. Guzman has welcome and responded to my e-mails, phone calls, and emergency matters on time… it is very appreciated. In all court matters justice is served, to have a magnificent lawyer to count on is great. In a very difficult and complex divorce and custody case I am very happy for the help that I have so far received from Sandra Guzman-Salvado.

S. Srisatta, Gaithersburg, Maryland

I would describe Sandra as approachable, even warm, patient in explaining things and answering questions.


Thank you for representing me while during my divorce. I also would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care, trial and tribulations that I went through. You have shown to me fro working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in my favor. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts.


She helped me with my Divorce
Sandra Guzman Salvado and staff were very caring and efficient about my divorce case, She gave me hope and helped me go through a very difficult time in my life… An also She was able to helped me in my first language “Spanish”


Getting what is mine.
Sandra has been a life saver. She always in contact with me and Ive never had an issue getting ahold of her or anyone at the firm. She is helping protect my rights with my children and helping to regain my right and what is due to me. Id use her again if I ever need a lawyer for sure. My case has been a difficult one with multiple states and different courts she has handle it all very well.

A Satisfied Client

Represented me in a divorce
I must say that there is definitely differences in the quality or service that you can receive. I received top tier representation from this firm that far exceeded my expectations. I searched for the firm on AVVO and saw the reviews and knew that this was the place fore me. I was able to get and maintain 50/50 custody and was able to come up with ways of splitting all assets. I felt so comfortable during a bad time with everyone on the staff. I just want to say thank you for everything that was done.


Greatest lawyer and firm
Sandra was a great help with my child custody case. It was an extremely long and difficult case but Sandra and her firm was with me every single step of the way. I highly recommend the firm for family, civil, immigration as well as criminal cases. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Nolan Parrish

Great Lawyer
I contacted Sandra Guzman Salvado because i needed help with child support case. Mrs. Salvado was very informative and knowledgeable. She always responded to my emails on time and always kept me informed of what was going on with my case.

A Satisfied Client

She was great!
Sandra was able to get the exact results that I wanted and needed for my family! In the beginning it was a bit rocky because she was hard to get in touch with, but I think it may have been just due to her having a lot of cases she was working on, but once we got past that she was very responsive. At some point I was also confused by some legal information that was given to me by her assistant (I felt that her former assistant was maybe a bit disorganized), but Sandra did clear this up for me. I would highly recommend Sandra and would use her services again if ever in need.

A Satisfied Client

Excellent Lawyer
Ms Guzman-Salvado represented me in my divorce case. She was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I filed for divorce in August 2013 but didn’t start working with Ms Guzman-Salvado until January 2014. My final hearing was April 2014. The case was over quickly with no pending issues. She kept me informed and at ease during this difficult time. II recommend her highly to anyone in need of her services.


Wonderful and useful legal service
Ms. Sandra V. Guzman Salvado accepted my case before it was going to be dismissed by the court. She did what my previous attorney could not do: got a motion for alternative service granted in my case. She walked me through my divorce hearing smoothly. I was nervous but her professional attitude kept me calm. I will definitely use her services in the near future or recommend her to any of my friends and loved ones.


Superb lawyer!
I contacted Sandra Guzman Salvado because I needed help with a family case. Mrs. Salvado was very informative and knowledgeable. She always returned my phone calls quickly and kept me informed every step of the way. I never wondered what was going to happen with my case because she took the time to explain everything to me. When she spoke to me or met with me she put me as ease every step of the way. She also sent me copies of everything that was being exchanged or sent to the court, or my husband. During such a stressful time, it is a relief she was able to help me. I highly recommend her to anyone needed an attorney.


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