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12, 2019

5 Key Parenting Plan Considerations to Remember if You Have a Child with Special Needs

Going through a divorce with children is never easy. It’s an uncertain, emotionally fraught time that can put everyone involved…

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05, 2019

I’m Getting Married Soon. Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

You’ve got the date and venue set, and all the details are falling into place. You’re getting ready for the…

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25, 2019

You’ve Been Furloughed: How To Stay Afloat

As the partial government shut down continues, federal employees have now missed two paychecks. Whether you are in the midst…

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21, 2019

Government Shutdown: Impact On Your Family Law Case

It is day 30 of the government’s partial shutdown, far exceeding the 21-day record shutdown in 1995. If you are…

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11, 2018

I Lost My Job. What Does that Mean for My Child Support?

Losing a job is a stressful, nerve-wracking experience. You aren’t sure how you’re going to pay all your bills, or…

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28, 2018

I Want a Divorce. What Do I Do Now?

You’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, and have finally come to the realization: You want a divorce.…

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31, 2018

7 Tips for Preparing for Your Divorce Deposition

Your divorce case has reached a point where one or both attorneys involved agrees that it’s time to take depositions.…

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10, 2018

Who Gets to Keep the Family Pet in My Divorce?

Getting divorced means you have to make a whole slew of decisions: When the kids are going to be with…

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07, 2018

Will Divorce Affect My Green Card?

Divorce is hard to experience on its own. Parting ways with someone who you had a strong connection with can…

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