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3 Key Considerations for High Net Worth Couples During Divorce

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Regardless of individual circumstances, divorce can be a stressful, painful process. Because of the large amount of property and assets involved, couples with a high net worth can easily become embroiled in complicated, prolonged divorces. Here are three key things high net worth couples need to remember when getting divorced: Find All the Assets When a large number of assets and property is involved, it is important to get a full handle on everything owned by each spouse and jointly as a couple. This includes all real estate, vehicles, business interest, stocks, bank accounts, and retirement plans. Begin by sitting…Read More »

Do I Need To Wait Until I’m Officially Divorced To Date Again? 5 Things To Consider

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You and your spouse have decided to divorce, and now you’re working on rebuilding your life. As you start over, you may consider beginning to date again. But is it wise to take up a new relationship before your divorce is finalized? Here are 5 things to consider before you make the decision to hop back into the dating pool while separated: Are YOU ready? Just because your relationship has ended doesn’t mean you’re ready – emotionally, mentally, or even physically – to move immediately into a new relationship. This is an especially important question to give some real thought…Read More »

I’m Not Married To My Child’s Other Parent. What Are My Rights in Maryland Family Courts?

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If you are the parent of a child in Maryland seeking a child support or custody agreement, but you were not married to the child’s other parent, the law gives you certain rights and privileges regarding your future relationship with your child. What Does Maryland Law Say About Unmarried Parents? In general, child custody laws in Maryland for unmarried parents operate the same as those for married couples with children, with the main exception being that, for unmarried couples, paternity must be established before the case moves forward. There are several ways this can be determined, including a man being…Read More »

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