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What is Mediation and how does it work?

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Legal Mediation is a cooperative dispute resolution process in which both parties work together with the help of a professional independent mediator. Ultimately, the goal of the process is to clearly define what is being disputed in the case and work out all problems that can arise relating to child custody, property and finances.  [1] The mediator is an impartial third-party that works with both sides to hear out the disputes and communicate them in a more agreeable manner. The mediator serves as a negotiator and clearly defines what is in dispute. The mediator also provides different suggestions and options…Read More »

What is Collaborative Law?

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In Collaborative law, two sets of clients and attorneys work together in order to mutually agree on a settlement. In addition, trained professionals with specific areas of expertise, such as financial analysts and parenting counselors may be brought in when necessary to assist with the construction of the agreement. Both clients agree to open and honest with all the information that is needed to create a fair, uncontroversial agreement that benefits both sides as well as any other members of their family that may be involved. [1] By following through with this collaborative effort, the parties are agreeing that they…Read More »